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dotfile management using GNU stow

Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022
In this article I discuss GNU stow in the context of managing dofiles. Dotfiles are used to configure most software, especially in Linux - and backing them up can save you a lot of hassle!

Models of synaptic conductance III

Saturday, 06 Feb 2021
This article wraps up the series on synaptic response modelling by exploring a natural extension of the alpha synapse - the bi-exponential synapse. This synapse accounts for asymmetric rise and fall-times of the transfer function.

Models of synaptic conductance II

Sunday, 06 Sep 2020
This article continues the series with an exploration of the commonly employed 'alpha' synapses. The transfer functions of these synapses are symmetrical, and they are often used as first-approximations for modelling non-instantaneous rise-times.

Models of synaptic conductance I

Thursday, 03 Sep 2020
This article explores a simple model of instantaneous synapses with an exponentially decaying transfer function.